Zeitmagazin - back home

Celestine was grown up near Marburg with her parents and her 8 sisters and brothers. Because of political reasons her father had to leave Togo in 1993 and found asylum in Germany. The whole family was living in Cölbe for 13 years. The children were grown up with german language and culture. In 2006, September 18th, at night suddenly the police was in front of their house to bring them to the airport. The whole family was supposed to be deported to Togo, without speaking the language, without any medical provision, without any prospect. The physical condition of her father was too bad to enter the airplane. He is suffering from a heart disease. So finally and until today only the father has to stay in Germany, the rest of the family has to live in Africa. Celestine fall in love with a german Togolese visiting Lomé and they married . So after 7 years Togo, now, she can come back home… to Germany.

Celestine on her way back to Frankfurt

Celestine saying Goodbye to her mother in Lomé airport

Lomé, capital of Togo

Three of the sisters were living together in a house in Lomé. The rent was payed by german friends.

Rejoice is making her up. She will leave for the church in Ghana soon.

Rebecca on a visit in Lomé is helping Celestine with her work. All of them started an apprenticeship as a tailor. After the education, Rebecca and her little daughter moved to her mother´s place in Ghana.

Joice and Celestine stayed in Lomé and started doing their own business in the neighborhood.

the neighborhood. Joice will have to stay alone in Lomé now.

Celestine is having some water in the kitchen.

Celestine is preparing the traditional fish in the courtyard. It´s a present for her father in Germany.

Rejoice will miss Celestine, but she is also very delighted for her.

Celestine and Rejoice on their way to the internet café.

Every Sunday people from all over Lomé go for a run along the beach. Here in front of a military area.

water towers in Lomé

Celestine on the market in Lome´.

The’ Herz-Jesu-Kathedralkirche’ in the center of Lomé was built in 1901/1902. Togoland was a German protectorate in West Africa from 1884 to 1914.

Rebecca in a shopping mall in Lomé. She is looking for an emancipated partner. It´s not very easy to find one in Lomé.

Second – hand bras are sold on the street in the center of Lomé.

the mother

Day of departure: the mother is visiting Celestine in Lomé and buying local medicine for her.

On the market in Lome´.

whole family in Ghana in front of the mother´s house.

Joice on her way to the church in Ghana.

border Togo – Ghana

Celestine´s hand

Celestine and Rejoice in front of the church are trying to get a taxi.

Gertrud in the church in Ghana.

Panajotis still had to go to school when they were deported to Lomé. Since schools are in french, the mother had to move to Ghana. Panajotis spoke no french, only a few words in the local language and some little english.

Richard with his niece Anna. The woman he loves, is still in Germany

Gertrud is dressing up for some event in the church.

Celestine and Gertrud.

Naomi, Gertrud´s daughter in their room. Gertrud and Rebecca have children and moved to the mother´s house in Ghana.

whole family in the courtyard: Gertrud, her daughter, Panajotis, Joyce, Mutter, Richard, Anna, Naomi, Rebecca, Celestine.

Richard doesn´t really see a prospect for him working in Togo.

The rail network was build during the German protectorate . Now most of the lines are closed and ruined.

Celestine is meeting her father in Frankfurt airport. After 13 years.