Die Zeit - Cilli

Cilli is suffering from dementia and found a new home. The concept is called “assisted living in families“. Handicapped or old people or people with mental illness go to live with host families to have a normal life rather than being isolated from society. Irmgard Zellner-Hönl, „the host family“ is running a hostel in a little village in Bavaria. For her, caring about Cilli is a calling. Cilli is in better condition since she is with her. Cilli started to smile, since she is with her. Irmi is caring about a women who doesn´t know herself anymore. She is nursing a woman with a tragic biography, means living in-between two world wars. She hardly knows any facts . But flashbacks of escape and rape show her Cilli is also affected from her past. Cilli is always in fear.
A view in the daily routine of the two women.
for Die Zeit